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We have the traditional programs, Fixed and ARMs

We also offer out of the box loans such as 90% loan with no MI, 80/10/10 and 40 years fixed programs.

We can help first time home buyers with a 3% down, low PMI and better than market interest rates.

We can guide self-employed borrower by unearthing hidden income and helping them qualify for the maximum allowed under the guidelines.

We are experts in helping veterans qualify for VA loans, with no money down!

Last but not the least, we pre-qualify you before you embark on a home shopping spree.

If we detect problems with your pre-qualification, we work with you until you resolve these issues, so you can get approved for your home loan. In other words, we help you achieve the American dream.

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ARM Products:

We can help you save on Interest and lower your monthly mortgage payments

• Lower initial rate than a fixed rate mortgage
• Lower initial monthly payments vs a fixed rate mortgage
• Flexibility to refinance after initial fixed rate period
• Interest rate caps place a limit on how much the interest rate can adjust from one adjustment period to the next

Program Offers:

• Conforming and High Balance: 5/1, 7/1, and 10/1 ARMs
• FHA: 3/1, 5/1, and High Balance 1/1/5 Caps
• VA: 3/1 and 5/1 for Standard, High Balance, and Super Max

Loan Programs


Whether you are purchasing or refinancing, we have an FHA-insured mortgage that makes home ownership possible. Our financial stability, innovative technology, and industry expertise make us stand out from the competition. We will guide you through the loan process quickly and efficiently.
We have a workable FHA Solution for you.


• Extremely competitive rates
• Minimum FICO score of 580
• Experienced FHA professionals
• Less restrictive debt to income guidelines
• Non-Credit Qualifying Streamline FHA without appraisal
• Credit Qualifying Streamline FHA without appraisal
• Foreclosure, pre-foreclosure, and deed-in-lieu allowed after 3 year waiting period

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